Security Insiders


Security Insiders are community allies who promote cyber security across the University by working locally with their own groups. We provide the content and ideas, including a box of stuff every two months. You choose what works for your group. 

Insiders do fun and exciting things:

  • Join a community at Harvard interested in protecting information and helping people.
  • Promote good security habits with posters, prizes, and games. 
  • Share the latest in security trends with your peers from our curated sources. 
  • Influence the direction of our security awareness efforts across the University. 
  • Provide your team with the information security tips they need to protect themselves.
  • Learn about the information security industry and exciting ways to enrich your work at Harvard.


  • Commit 2 hours per month. (Make sure your manager is cool with it.)
  • Promote security in ways that make sense for your group.
  • Provide feedback to Security as needed. 

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