Know Your Data

Follow the policy to secure sensitive data. If you don't need it, delete it!

You generate lots of information, but do you treat it all the same way? Of course not. Some types of information you want to share with the world, other information needs to be kept private. In the same way, Harvard has categories of information- and there are important to rules to follow when handling them. 

Handling Data Securely

Policy and Data Classification

The Data Classification Table and Harvard Information Security Policy

The data classification table will help you understand the level of the data you are protecting. The information security policy will show you the right way to identify, secure, and dispose of sensitive information.

Data Classification Table Harvard Information Security Policy
Five levels of classification that cover all the types of data at the University. Requirements and Guides on how to handle different levels of data at Harvard

Search for Sensitive FIles

Digging Through Data

It's easy to lose track of the data you have on your computer, but its important not to lose track of sensitive information. Thankfully, there are tools available for many Harvard managed systems that make it easy to locate forgotten files. Check the table below to find out more. If you need help using it, contact your local support desk. 

School Discovery Tool
FAS/CA Identity Finder

Secure Deleting

Back from Delete?

When you delete a file, the data is often still sitting around on the system. These files can be recovered, which isn't good if you're trying to delete unneeded sensitive data. The EFF has produced a couple of guides for removing data from Windows and OS X in a more secure way. If you're not sure where to start, feel free to contact your security or support staff for help. 



Information Security Policy Quick Reference Guide

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