Winter 2020 Mailing

Security Insiders Winter 2020: Happy Secure Year

Hello Insiders! Welcome to the first mailing of 2020. This mailing celebrates the new year, new habits, and starting your day with security. Oh, and don’t forget Valentine’s Day. After all, people are the HEART of security.

What’s Inside?

Secure Year’s Resolution Poster Poll:  Stick these dots to this poll and let your coworkers show what secure habit they will stick to in the new year.

Secure Year’s Resolution Guide: Give your team some context around the secure behaviors suggested in our poster poll.

Security Valentines: Just like grade school, if your grade school had a truly advanced cyber security program. Cut these out and distribute them however you want!

Security Chocolate Box +Note: A mysterious box in a break room always gets opened. Hopefully this candy can remind us not to be so fast when opening attachments. Don’t have a break room? We used individually wrapped candy, so you have more distribution options.

Coffee Poster: Printable/Email-able poster for promoting the upcoming Commuter Coffee and Securi-Tea event. More on that below.

Upcoming Events

Commuter Coffee and Securi-Tea: No matter how you arrive, start your day with security. Free coffee, tea, mugs and stickers. Bike tune-ups and prizes from Commuter Choice. Meet members of the security team.

  • Northwest Building 52 Oxford St: Jan 29th 8am-10am
  • Harvard Medical School, Courtyard Cafe: Feb 12th 8am-10am

*Prizes Still Available for “Take Actions, Get Rewards” Promotion*

The first hundred or so prizes have gone, but there are still more notebooks, water bottles, and reusable straws just waiting to be sent out to you and your co-workers. How do you get them?

  1. Distribute the Take Actions, Get Rewards list.
  2. Your co-workers take one small action from each of the four categories. Four actions total, and report back to you.
  3. Fill out the reward form and soon a gold envelope will show up on their desk.

A fancier version of this list is attached to this post, but for your reference- here are the small security actions that you can take to earn your prizes.

Know Your Data

  • Check your settings on social media or cloud storage services like OneDrive
  • Send a file privately via OneDrive, DropBox or Google Drive
  • Check for old data you don’t need and delete it
  • Print or save the Quick Reference Guide

Use Strong Passwords

  • Start using a password manager like LastPass.
  • Already have LastPass? Get your security score over 80%
  • Check your passwords at
  • Replace a weak password with a longer one

Click Wisely

  • View our Phishing Infographic
  • Forward a phishing message to
  • Put two step verification on your Harvard or personal email
  • Help a friend put two step verification on their email account

Apply Updates

  • Run Windows or App Store updates on your computer and restart
  • Run Google Play or App Store updates on your phone and restart.
  • Check your installed apps on your phone and remove anything you don’t need.
  • Check installed programs on your computer and remove anything you don’t need.

Thanks for helping us build a secure culture at Harvard. We can’t wait to see you at coffee!

-Micah and Liz