Ransomware Infographic

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Fighting Ransomware

Ransomware is malware that holds your data and privacy hostage for money. Your small actions can make a big diference in stopping ransomware attacks. Follow the steps to see how it works, and how your small actions can stop the attackers.

1) Cyber criminals send a phishing message with malware through a file attachment or link.


a) Click Wisely! When you receive an unexpected or out of the ordinary message, be suspicious. If the message came from someone you know, verify the message by calling or texting the sender to see if its legit. If it’s from a service or website, skip the link and go directly to the official page.


2) After clicking the link or opening the file, the malware uses security flaws in your computer to lock your data with a key you don’t have.


b) Apply Updates! When you apply updates, your computer is not compatible with the cyber criminal’s toolkits. The malware simply will not work.


3) Cyber criminals offer you a key to access your data again in return for a ransom, paid in digital currency.


c) Know your Data! When your data is backed up, you don’t have to worry about paying a criminal to get your pictures and records back. A good backup protects you against data loss, not only to cyber crooks but also floods, fires and computer damage.


No matter if you’re at home or at Harvard, your small actions make a big difference to keeping yourself and the Harvard community secure.


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