Through a combination of local security officer expertise and certified information security professionals from HUIT, all Schools and departments are able to have the appropriate level of protection for their teaching, learning, research and business information. Contact a School Security Officer for information on the services available to you.

HUIT IT Security services are available to all schools and departments. Please contact or call 1-617-495-7777 to learn more.

Vendor Risk Assessments
Harvard data must be protected on our own systems and when stored with a vendor. Vendor Risk Assessments help you make an informed decision when selecting a vendor to handle Harvard data. HUIT IT Security services are available to all schools and departments.  Request a vendor risk assessment >>

Computer Security Incident Response
Responds to and manages computer security incidents. Includes determining scope of the incident, containing risk, preserving evidence, investigating via network and computer forensics, manages remediation, reports findings, and ensures resumption of normal operations.  More about computer security incident response >>

Digital Certificate Management
Issues and manages Harvard’s digital certificates. Includes managing “root certificates” assigned to Harvard by an accredited external Certificate Authority. Also includes providing authorized administrators with tools to issue and manage their local server digital certificates.

Network Traffic Security Monitoring
A set of activities performed cooperatively between the HUIT Infrastructure Network Services team and the HUIT Security organization that maintains the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the University's data and information technology resources.  More about network traffic security monitoring >>
Security Consulting
Provides subject matter expertise across the information security discipline. Please contact your School Security Officer for further details.

Security Education
Provides security awareness education materials, including printed materials, online learning modules, presentations, and security product education for faculty, students, staff, and researchers.

Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, and Code Analysis
Evaluates effectiveness of information security controls and procedures.