FERPA Directory Common Elements

The Registrars of the Harvard Schools have developed a set of Common FERPA Directory Elements in order to provide a consistent University-wide understanding of what data elements might ever be considered public information about students under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Individual Harvard schools use subsets of the following list but no school will consider any data element not on this list as public information about a student. Individual schools may select elements from the Common List to be published in online or printed directories or otherwise disclosed publicly.

FERPA Directory Term


Student's name

The student's full name as shown on their application for admission or current legal name.


The address at which the student resides while school is in session as provided by the student or by the University.

Telephone listing

The telephone number provided by the student for use while school is in session.

Electronic mail address

The email address the student assigned by the school or in some cases provided by the student for use while school is in session.


Harvard ID photograph.

Date of birth

The student's date of birth as provided by the student.

Field of study

The academic department, degree program or concentration in which the student is enrolled.

Dates of enrollment

The beginning and end dates that a student was enrolled at one or more Harvard schools.

Anticipated or actual date of graduation

The expected date of the student's graduation or, if the student has already graduated, the actual date of graduation.

Enrollment status

The student’s full or part time enrollment at a Harvard School as defined by that School.


Degrees the student received or is expected to receive from Harvard and their dates or the fact that the student is non-degree.

Honors and awards received

List of honors or awards the student received from Harvard.

Prior degrees; recent educational institution(s) attended

List of past degrees received from educational institutions other than Harvard and educational institutions the student attended before attending Harvard, and their dates as provided by the student.  This includes high schools and preparatory schools.

Class year

Undergraduate class year upon graduation.

Original class year

Undergraduate class year when admitted.

House affiliation

For undergraduates, which Harvard house the student is affiliated with.

Weight and height of members of athletic teams

The weight and height of members of athletic teams.

Participation in officially recognized activities and sports

List of officially recognized activities or sports that the student is formally involved in.

Parents' or guardians' home address & phone numbers

The home address(es) and phone number(s) of a student's parents or guardians as provided by the student.

Country of citizenship

Citizenship as provided by the student.

Place of birth

Location and country of the student’s birth as provided by the student.

Permanent address & phone number and summer address

Student's permanent address and phone number as provided by the student.


For medical and dental students, academic society affiliation.

Network ID

The user ID associated with network login for desktop, network drives, file shared, print servers, email and other university resources.

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