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For All - Information Security Checklist

  1. Use a strong password for each account and not to share passwords
  2. Never store High Risk Confidential Information on your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or other personal computing or portable device.
  3. Complete information security training appropriate to your position
  4. Protect Confidential Information on computing devices (e.g. computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet).
  5. Store Confidential Information in paper form securely.
  6. Report any breach of security of Confidential Information that you learn about.

For Confidential Information Users - Required Online Training

Harvard Confidential Information Training (HarvardKey login required) is available for Administrative and Professional staff members who are required to complete training regularly.

For All - Managing Confidential Information - Brochures and Advisories

Handling High Risk Confidential Information

Information Security Startup Guide

Collaboration Tools by Data Level

Remote Access Secure Configuration Guidelines