LastPass for Harvard

last pass bannerCreating strong, unique passwords for all your personal and work accounts is tough. That's why the University provides LastPass Personal Premium to all members of the Harvard community.

What is LastPass?

Password problems solved

Everyone knows you should use strong passwords and not reuse them more than once, but with so many accounts how do you keep track? Security professionals recommend using a password manager to create, store, and manage strong, unique passwords for all of your accounts. Harvard provides LastPass Personal Premium to members of the Harvard community at no cost.

One password

With LastPass, you can use one strong "master" password to protect the passwords of all your other accounts. Store your HarvardKey in the LastPass vault. Let LastPass create long, complex passwords for personal services like Facebook or Amazon. You don't have to remember them all, just remember your master password and LastPass remembers the rest.

One location

From work, from home, or through the app- no matter where you access LastPass you'll have access to all your passwords.

Safe and secure

LastPass uses strong encryption to make sure that the only way to access your passwords is to use the master password. No one, including Harvard or LastPass can access your passwords.

How Does it Work?

Access all your passwords from any device

Lastpass works by installing a browser plugin on any major web browser that you use. From there, it knows that you are logging into a website with a username and password and prompts you to save that account in your Lastpass vault. With apps for iOS, Android, and Windows 10- those passwords can be with you anywhere you go

Create stronger passwords

The LastPass vault can generate long complex passwords for you, and often can do so automatically when it detects you are changing or creating a password in a webpage.

Easier and more secure

If you have stored a password in LastPass, it will often automatically fill in your username and password when you open the page. If it doesn't, your passwords are only a few clicks away in the password vault.

Your password vault

Your LastPass vault can be accessed from your browser plugin or mobile app. There, can see all your accounts, generate new passwords, share accounts with other LastPass users, or configure your LastPass settings.

Visit LastPass' User Manual webpage for more information.

What Makes it Safer?

End password reuse

No more using the same password for all sites. No more writing down passwords on little pieces of paper. No more emailing yourself when you forget your password. Lastpass can create and manage passwords for you.

Stop storing passwords in your browser

 With LastPass, you’re protecting yourself from these password stealing malware and making the same passwords available from any browser at work or at home. Its easier and more secure!

Only you can see your passwords

Your encryption keys are created from your Master Password. The Master Password is never sent to LastPass. All encryption/decryption occurs locally on your devices, not on LastPass' servers. This means that your sensitive data does not travel over the Internet and never touches LastPass' servers, only the encrypted data does. For additional security, you can protect your LastPass account with two step verification.

Government-level encryption

LastPass uses the same encryption algorithm that the U.S. Government uses for top-secret data. Your encrypted data is unreadable to LastPass and to everyone else without the Master Password.

For more information on LastPass' architecture, check out this security white paper.

What Else Can it Do?

Security challenge

In the LastPass vault, you can open the "Security Challenge". You will get a security score based on many factors. Are you reusing passwords? Were any of your accounts involved in a breach? The security challenge can let you know, and give you the steps to improve your score.

Secure notes

LastPass can store notes and small pictures with the same security it uses for passwords. If you have important travel documents or iteneraries, emergency contact info, or financial information- this is the perfect place to store it.

Online shopping

LastPass can store all of your credit cards and autofill that information for an easy and quick online shopping experience.

Phishing protection

When you visit a website LastPass knows about, it will auto-fill passwords. But what if the link and page look right, but its actually phony? LastPass won't be tricked- and its an excellent way for you to spot fake sites.