Summer Book Group Discussions


Monday, August 17, 2020, 12:00pm to 12:50pm

Repeats every weekday, 4 times



This summer, we’ll explore the impact of cyber activities on society, culture, and history by reading four books that will inform, entertain, and perhaps inspire us. Join us for one or more mid-day book discussions facilitated by info security team members and offer your insights on these engrossing choices:

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Books we will be reading

Code Girls Book Cover

Code Girls by Liza Mundy

The award-winning New York Times bestseller about the American women who secretly served as codebreakers during World War II--a "prodigiously researched and engrossing" (New York Times) book that "shines a light on a hidden chapter of American history" (Denver Post)

Florentine Deception Book Cover

The Florentine Deception, by Carey Nachenberg

In this action-packed techno-thriller, a routine computer cleanup sets off an electrifying quest for an enigmatic—and deadly—treasure.

Algorithms of Oppression Book Cover

Algorithms of Oppression, by Safiya Umoja Noble

A revealing look at how negative biases against women of color are embedded in search engine results and algorithms

Cuchoo's Egg Book Cover

The Cuckoo’s Egg, by Cliff Stoll

An astronomer by training and a computer expert by accident, Cliff Stoll’s story of how a 75 cent billing discrepancy led him on a hunt for an international spy network.

Schedule and facilitators:

  • Code GirlsMonday August 17 at 12:00 – 12:50
    • Facilitator Sandy Silk, Director Information Security Education and Consulting
    • "I’m looking forward to discovering the skills and traits that made these women so effective in this complex code-breaking work. What can we learn from that successful war-time program to change how we seek and nurture new talent in STEM professions now? ”
  • Algorithms of Oppression – Tuesday August 18 at 12:00 – 12:50
    • Facilitator Micah Nelson, Information Security Awareness Officer
    • “The idea of racism seeping into otherwise neutral algorithms seems obvious once you remember these data sets are populated by people with biases. I hope to learn more about the topic through this book and look forward to hearing your thoughts on it as well.”
  • Cuckoo’s Egg – Wednesday August 19 at 12:00 – 12:50
    • Facilitator Christian Hamer, University Chief Information Security Officer
    • “Join me to talk about one of my all-time favorite computer security books. This true story reads like a spy novel and is an easy and interesting read. I look forward to a discussion about what we can learn from the book and what has and hasn’t changed since the eighties.”
  • The Florentine Deception – Thursday August 20 at 12:00 – 12:50
    • Facilitator Liz Eagan, Information Security Community Program Manager
    • "Seeking a break from my own book group’s monthly tome, reading an elegant techno-thriller seems like the perfect alternative for a summer day at the beach! I welcome you to breeze through this novel with me and find out how a computer cleanup inadvertently leads to a deadly treasure.

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When we get close to the date of our discussion, we will send you a Zoom link and a reminder so you can finish your reading!


We hope that the Cyber Security Book Group will continue through the year ahead, so please let us know your suggestions for additional reading and any other suggestions.


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