May 2017

Ransomware Outbreak

What happened?

A large number of computers around the world have been infected with the WannaCry Ransomware. It has been seen in over 70 countries and impacted thousands of computers. 

What is the risk?

Ransomware encrypts the data on your computer, making it impossible to recover without the key. To get the key, you must pay a ransom. In this case, the attackers are demanding roughly $300 USD. The ransomware works by exploiting a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows, a vulnerability that has been patched...

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Google Phishing Campaign


What Happened?

A large-scale phishing campaign was discovered yesterday, May 3rd. The objective of the attacker was to gain access to the victim’s Google account. The messages appeared to come from addresses known to the recipient.

What Is the Risk?

Within an hour, Google disabled the accounts associated with this attack. The phishing websites associated with the attack have been taken offline. For those users who clicked the link, logged into their Google account, and granted...

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