Infographic - Home WiFi Security

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Wifi should be easy for you to access, but not the hackers. Read this guide to learn about WiFi hacking and how to prevent it.

Why steal home Wi-Fi access?

  • Free Wi-Fi access with no legal paper trail
  • Trying out hacking tools for “fun”
  • Access to computers or smart devices on the network

How do hackers break in to Wi-Fi?

  • The password is too short, on a list of common passwords, has been shared, or is on a list of common passwords.
  • A network connected device was configured poorly or missed a security update

Keep Hackers off your Wi-Fi: Use Strong Passwords

Create a password that holds up to hackers in three easy steps.

  • Make up a 4-letter acronym (GYSR)
  • Expand it to a phrase (GetYourSwingsetReady)
  • Optionally, spice it up. (getYOURswingsetready!)

Use guest Wi-Fi feature instead of sharing your password.

Enable guest Wi-Fi on your router so you don’t have to share your home Wi-Fi password. Think of it like guest towels, but for your friends’ phones.

Keep hackers off your Wi-Fi: Apply Updates

Update Router Settings

  • Set a strong admin password
  • Disable remote admin if you don’t use it
  • Enable automatic updates

Apply updates to network devices

Most brands will notify you of updates if you register your product.

Set up a separate Wi-Fi network for smart devices.


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